In the recent Academy Awards, Leonard DeCaprio won “Best Actor” honors for his role in the movie “The Revenant”. I haven’t seen the picture yet, but the title alone intrigues me. That’s because “revenant” means “one who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead”, which the main character in the movie does.
I find that intriguing because it makes me think that “The Revenant” is a title which could also apply to the story of early Christianity after Easter! That’s because another “revenant”, namely Jesus Christ, returned from the dead; only in his case it wasn’t “supposedly”. Instead Christ returned from death’s domain to shock a world which had assumed they had seen the last of him and his followers. They were wrong about that in both cases. Jesus proved it first of all by appearing to his disciples in unexpected ways and places over the first few weeks after his resurrection, and the disciples confirmed the fact by continuing his work and claiming him courageously in the years to come. Doing so, they and “the revenant’s” followers since have changed our world forever!
Even that however was not the end of the story of Easter’s “revenant”. The best part of all is that all of us can be “revenants”, too! Because of Christ’s resurrection, death can’t keep us from returning any more than it could the original “Revenant”.
So go watch the movie “The Revenant” if you want. I hear it’s a good one. But if you want to be a “revenant” come to church and meet the “Revenant” who can make you a “revenant”, too.

Pastor Dan