This is the time of year when those of us with inside jobs envy those with outside ones. Sitting in cramped offices while nature blooms is not only confining, it just feels unnatural. It seems we were made for spring. Something within us is too big to be kept indoors forever.

All of which makes me think that Pentecost, which comes this month, is kind of the soul’s equivalent of spring, because just as God sent his Spirit to push the disciples out of their locked rooms into a world primed to burst into new life, I believe God’s Spirit is still enticing us out of the small spaces in which we, unfortunately, spend far too many of our days, and into a world poised to blossom and bloom with God’s new growth.

In effect, the Spirit asks us if we would rather continue breathing the stale air of self-centeredness or enjoy the wonderful expansiveness of a loving and generous life? Are we really happy confining ourselves within the small perimeters of prejudice or do we want to learn to embrace all the offspring of the Father and Creator of this earth? Do we want to limit ourselves to speaking a language only people who think like us understand, or are we eager to find a to communicate in a language every human heart can comprehend?

Like the disciples at the first Pentecost, we might be surprised at how good it feels to open our closed doors and follow the movement of God’s spirit outside. Then others can envy us until they, too, join us in a world springing with God’s new life all around us!
Pastor Dan