JUNE 2017


For all the gardeners and farmers out there, I found this little tidbit.
“There was once a farmer who went to town to purchase seeds for his farm. As he was returning home, one of the squash seeds he had purchased fell from his pocket on the ground. It happened that within a few feet was another seed of a different type. The place where the two seeds lay was rather fertile, and miraculously they took root.
After about a week the squash seed showed signs of growth. The second seed showed none. After two weeks the squash began to sprout leaves. The second seed showed none. After seven weeks the squash began to show fruit. The second seed still showed no progress.
Four more weeks came and went. The squash plant reached the end of its life bearing much fruit in that time, but the other seed finally began to slow grow. Many years later the squash was all but forgotten, but the other tiny seed, an acorn, had grown into a mighty oak tree.
Many people want their faith to be like the squash. They want to experience it all right now….rather than be rooted for life.”